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A "must-have" tool for 

interior designers & 

real estate professionals

Pro membership features

Branding for you and your company

Up to 3 Sub-Users

Customized Room Type Styles

Also includes:

   ✓ All projects automatically start at level 2

   ✓ Lower credit price (90¢ per credit)

   ✓ 30 credits monthly or 400 per year


per month  


Turn sketches into crisp plans

With Floorplanner Pro, you can turn hand-drawn sketches into clean, crisp 2D plans.

Turn "back-of-the-napkin" ideas into organized, professional-looking floor plans!

Showcase your plans in 3D

With Floorplanner Pro - you can easily switch between 2D and 3D plans. Now you can easily impress your clients with stunning 3D representations of their space!

Brand your plans

With Floorplanner Pro - branding can be added to your plans and exports to showcase you and your business. 

Add a headshot, logo, color scheme and more!

Use Credits to Upgrade Your Work


0 Credits Per Project

✓  Access to our library of 150,000 

      3D models

✓  Secure cloud storage of your data 



2 Credits Per Project

✓  Multiple floors and designs within

      1 project

✓  Full HD export option for 2D & 3D 

✓  FML export


10 Credits Per Project

✓   Interactive viewer & spaceplanner

✓   Virtual Reality panoramas


25 Credits per Project

✓  Photrealistic rendering using 

      Nvidia Iray

✓  Renders in under 30 minutes

✓  One time upgrade

Over 1 million plans are created each month with the floorplanner platform

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